Science March or Spielberg?

While twinning & protesting, Erin and I ran into actor & photographer Walls Trimble, who just sent along the photo she took of us: IMG_5303 Due to the ominous rain and the urban American location, we appear to be living the apocalyptic movies we grew up watching in the 90s. Either a UFO will crash into frame in the next 5 seconds… or some new and terrible legislation will.

Whitney Biennial 2017

Insane installation by Samara Golden, called The Meat Grinder’s Iron Clothes. Impossible to explain but this alone is worth the entire price of admission: FullSizeRender-5 Beautiful work by Raúl de Nieves – including the stained glass panels behind the figures of Somos Monstros, which he made (although in an untraditional way.) FullSizeRender-8-1 FullSizeRender-28

Science March NYC

Daughter of two scientists, proud to march with one of my closest lifelong friends, a doctor & researcher. Alternative facts are fictions. And I love fiction, my life is mostly dedicated to creating it, but I do not love fictions manipulated to be accepted in the place of facts. Especially when this concerns the importance of and funding for science and the arts, the environment, women’s access to reproductive care up to and including abortion, healthcare in general, and THE FATE OF THE GODDAMN PLANET. Not surprisingly, many other New Yorkers feel this way. IMG_6319-1 FullSizeRender-27 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-1 Erin made science protest t-shirts, available here. FullSizeRender-21 FullSizeRender-10

Small Hands Can't Grasp Reality of Climate Change

Small Hands Can’t Grasp Reality of Climate Change

What Your Destiny Looks Like In The Form of a GPS Screen

… for example, when Delta cancels your flight to Louisville and then informs you that there are no flights available until Sunday, and American & United say the same thing, and your friends say, “Let’s drive,” so four of you get in a car and start driving and 13.5 hours later (snowstorm: Pennsylvania; rainstorm: Ohio) you arrive in Louisville for the Humana Festival. IMG_6174 For the record, the GPS was optimistic, and we didn’t get here until after 8 am… but that’s still plenty of time to drink all the coffee in L-ville well before the first show of the day.