Dramaturgy in Diners and Doors

Rehearsals for PHOEBE IN WINTER have just started with Clubbed Thumb. In preparation, dramaturg Christine Scarfuto, director Mike Donahue and I have been having multiple script meetings all over the city. Structure, content, character, tone? BAM. Solving it all! Here is photographic evidence of the grave and focused nature of our meetings. IMG_0569 IMG_0576 IMG_0578
Meanwhile, playwright (and roommate) Eric Dufault and I leave each other helpful and supportive messages. IMG_0579 IMG_0581

Director/ Playwright Conversations

MD: ha, you so don’t know what point in the process we’re at —
this is the period of time where i trick you into thinking i have lots of respect for your opinion, so you’re totally unable to see what’s coming down the road

JS: oh whew!! i was starting to feel respected by you, and it was so confusing!
thanks for the explanation, i feel better now.

Underground NYPL

This is amazing. I want to read ALL THE BOOKS.

Also, to the kid reading The Mummy, The Will and the Crypt:
1) Good job, you’re a badass. That book terrified me when I was your age.
2) I want your hat. Picture 1