Mourning Becomes Jennifer

Last day? Playwrights hit the beach.

Crowley is dead. happy?

Crowley is dead. Lauren…is happy?

It's like 90210...with playwrights.

It’s like 90210…with playwrights.

When you ask me what it is that I am mourning, kicked out into the real world as I have been, I say: Look at this. You’d want to stay too. IMG_0666 IMG_0614

If I Had A Hammer

O’Neill tradition – right after your first performance, everyone goes to the pub and the playwright has to hammer the playbill into the wall. This affords excellent entertainment for anyone who ever wanted to see somebody hammer their fingers/ drop shit everywhere / get a thumb-tack in the face. Here I am, managing to not kill anybody. Which, at a certain point, is really all you can ever ask for. 74929_10151614808978853_488570710_n

Post Show

It happened!
It’s over!
Now I just wander around these grounds like a shadow of my former self.

L to R: Makela Spielman, Hannah Cabell, me, Joe Tippett, Christy Pusz

Makela Spielman, Hannah Cabell, me, Joe Tippett, Christy Pusz

Dispatch from My Mother

Another name for your Size-of-My Entire-Hand Moth may be Pandorus Sphinx, Eumorpha pandorus, wingspan approx 3 1/4 to a little over 4 1/2 …Their caterpillars eat grape leaves and Virginia creeper, and Ampelopsis, whatever that is. — Mom


While I was sitting in bed with my laptop last night, a giant centipede ran up my bare leg. url I didn’t wake up the entire hallway with screaming. For this, I deserve a medal.

Dispatch From The Ocean Floor

We went on a Playwright Adventure tonight. It involved lobster rolls and an ice cream cone that was the size of my head. Crowley documented a moment known as: 3 Playwrights Come To A Rope Fence And Can’t Understand How To Get Through Or Around. Picture 1