Such A Thing Is Not Important For Me

BAI LING: “[A]t first when I was in the United States I didn’t always have an interpreter in interviews and I didn’t speak English so well. There was some confusion. My name is pronounced ‘bi,’ so when I was asked, ‘Are you bi?’ I said, ‘Yes, I am Bai.’ Do you like men? ‘Of course!’ Do you like women? ‘Why yes!’ And later I found out what that means and I said, ‘Sure, I am bi!’ But I think the interpreters and the reporters thought that I didn’t know what I was saying because I was so open about it. They were uncomfortable about it. Such a thing is not important for me.” [EW Interview] 19594_900

The Dutch Masters

…would either be rolling over in their graves, or envious. As for me, I have now fulfilled all my dreams in life. For a glimpse into my past life as a little drummer boy, drop by the teachers lounge at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School.