What Would Woody Do

…for his New Year’s resolutions? The following:

[From http://www.woodyguthrie.org/newyearsrulins.htm]

[From http://www.woodyguthrie.org/newyearsrulins.htm]

My 10 favorite are:

33. Wake Up And Fight

32. Make Up Your Mind

26. Dance Better

19. Keep Hoping Machine Running

18. Stay Glad

17. Don’t Get Lonesome

14. Listen To Radio A Lot

7. Drink Very Scant If Any

3. Wash Teeth If Any

1. Work More And Better

More Göransson

I have a sensation or sentence in mind and then I try to exhaust everything using that kernel (and with everything I primarily mean myself, but also our entire culture, it’s a futile idea no doubt).Poetry Foundation


I’m not all that interested in ‘innovative’ poetry. To me it usually denotes a kind of high culture, high taste label. And also a sense of linear futurity that I think is not only boring but oppressive. I’m far more interested in the degraded and anachronistic, the trashy and the melancholic…In my mind art is very violent, but that’s not separate from the narrative. It’s in the very conflict within the artwork… – from 3:am Magazine Interview

In summation, from Dear Ra:

I’ve been confused when I should have been
reborn as a crusade or a hospital of innocents.
I’ve been bored when I should’ve been screwed.
I’ve been a hungry year.

from Sugar Book

Johannes Göransson. One of my favorite parts:

Do you think it’s easy to close a wound? To close the mouth of a wound?
There is only one way: to go into the mirror and explode.


Once I was in a production of the Duchess of Malfi
which we recorded at a shooting range.
I was supposed to be the killer but I was the virgin.
Was very passive in the shooting range.
Wow. Things got out of hand fast.
The woman who filmed me had a loud cackle
and she was very strong. I couldn’t move
I was so exhausted, but she wiped me off
with thinner and kissed me on the lips.
She tasted like bubble gum. I tasted like blubber.

A Distilled Natural History of the Vole, Part Deux

B: there’s two kinds of voles
prairie and something else
One kind has really nice guy male voles, who take care of the kids and love their mates
Just all around good guys

The other kind of vole, well he is a real loner type
goes through female voles like they’re going extinct.

Turns out, mr nice guy vole of the two types
prairie and something else and I can’t remember which
is the nice one
but the nice one makes more oxytocin
and has more oxytocin receptors than the mean one.

i would take any class on natural history that you ever taught

Francesca Woodman, Again/ Still

Unknown publicly during her lifetime, she had barely graduated from college and then, suddenly, she was dead. (Many of her photographs were student assignments.)

…Her ploys often involve disappearance and emergence: she slips into the crack between a wall and a detached wooden mantelpiece, or she obscures herself behind torn pieces of wallpaper, or her bare legs jut out of a wall cupboard. “I am interested in the way people relate to space,” she once explained. “The best way to do this is to depict their interactions to the boundaries of these spaces.”

…The tension between her feeling of invisibility and her methodical exploration of self-revelation animates her art. She had only a moment, but for a photographer with her agenda, it was the right moment.

- Arthur Lubow, “Francesca Woodman Materializes6

Like: Escaping From Prison

me: i don’t know i mean
i feel like i should be working
D: you are ON BREAK
me: yeah but
me: yeah but i just
like the thing before -FAST
like what happens when a rock goes thru glass
like ___ing a code
like what makes a car stop
me: …do you mean ‘brakes’?
D: you get my point

How We Stumble Out of the Red Zone

…Hint: it involves a long wait in Port Authority after the bus was oversold and we all had to wait for the next one. Quoth the stocky neck-tattoo guy next to me: “This shit is BULLSHIT! I’m supposed to be in probation court already!” Then he asked me if I’d move over in line so that his mama could stand next to him. Mister, as god is my witness, I will not stand in the way of your mama.

Iowa’s New Play Initiative

Iowa Playwrights Workshop is my MFA/ one of the homes that shaped me most as an artist, and probably also as a human. Alan MacVey is an old friend and a mentor. Naomi Iizuka is an incredible playwright who told me to go to Iowa. And this is awesome. Guys, I’m so proud.