2 thoughts on “(non-metaphorical) Crossroads

  1. Hello, Jen! I actually went to University of Iowa for a semester back in 2009. (I later transferred to Purdue.) Anyway, I remember attending a theater event at U of I sometime in the fall of 2009. There were a few plays that were performed that evening, and each one of them was on the same stage. If I remember correctly, your play was the last of the evening, and, in very, very crude summary, involved a writer guy and a girl in a bathtub. (And, yes, I know that summary does absolutely zero justice for your playwriting skills or for that particular story. [Which was beautiful, by the way.]) Anyway, I was talking to a friend last night about my time at Iowa, and the differences between the theater programs at Iowa and the theater program at Purdue. I ended up talking about you, and trying to relay some of your plays, all of which I greatly enjoyed. As you can tell, I did a small bit of Googling and “found” you. I hope that life is treating you well now that you have graduated from Iowa. You have a beautiful skill.

    That said, I commented on this post specifically because HOLY SHIT this is New Harmony. My boyfriend lives in Evansville, Indiana, and–this past weekend–we actually went to New Harmony to go antiquing. Once again, I’m reminded of how small this world truly is.


    • Dawn, that’s so strange and funny! “Writer guy and girl in bathtub” is a summary that works well enough for me :) Hope you had an awesome time in New Harmony – it’s a wild little town, right? Next time you’re there, go check out the Oculus if you haven’t already. (In the row of old log houses.) Hope you’re well, and thanks for reaching out!

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