The Working Farm

What do all of us have in common? the-working-farm We’re all becoming farmers. We will carry pitch-forks wherever we go. Our hands will be worn rough with hard New England labor. I will ride around on a goat. It will be awesome.

If I Gave A Commencement Speech, I Would Tell The Kids That The Best Ideas Are The Ones Other People Have Already Had, That Won Them Pulitzers

Open Studio Sunday at LMCC finds me making the best possible use of my time. In between fielding questions from people wandering in and out of my studio (“Do you write plays? Why do you write plays?”), I’m continuing my ongoing investigation with a frequent collaborator re: the perfect title for our play. photo (1)


I’m not a morning person. I don’t think anybody should be awake and/or alive and/or required to be functional in any manner at any point before noon. Twelve-thirty is better. By 1 pm, I’m prepared not to be cranky. Occasionally, however, I revise this opinion. photo (84)

May: The Month Of Bloodworks

As soon as May 1 hits, Youngbloods start having conversations like these.

me: what are you doing for bloodworks
chiara: my sex play
me: yessss hot
chiara: what are you doing?
me: i dont know yet
about anything
in the world
pursuit of happiness
it’s all a question mark
chiara: mmmmkay