Everybody Needs Love (Fishzilla Part 2)

My brother, who is phenomenally talented and astute, has contributed to Fishzilla’s happiness and well-being / my procrastination and inability to focus, by writing a possible Fishzilla About Me:

hey so im new to this online thing but all my friends and surviving children are doing it so i thought why not! lol !

so oh gosh where to start…well im fun and laid back, but i can get pretty wild lol….biologist’s call me a veritable force of nature lol! i like relaxing with a movie and a glass of blood (or maybe two glasses of blood lol) im also up for anything, whether its a relaxing swim in the ocean or a grueling migration across land in sarrch of other bodies of water! or even a yankees game! lol !!

also im very family oriented. i lay an assload of eggs every year and im looking for a commitment minded partner who wants the same.

heres me relaxn by the pool. snarf snarf! lol Picture 13


Stop the presses. This shit is AMAZING.

Meet my new bestie. Her name is Fishzilla. She’s a Snakehead Fish. “Tell me your story, Snakeheaded Fish,” you say. “What’s your deal?” “Well,” she replies, “I have sharp, shark-like teeth; an appetite for for blood; can grow to over three feet in length; can lay up to 75,000 eggs a year; and can even breathe and migrate on land, and I search for other bodies of water for up to four days at a time through the use of a primitive breathing organ.” Picture 13 I was doing research for a project, but now the only project that matters is one in which I do Fishzilla a favor and create her an OKCupid Profile.


Princess Marisol in ABQ

So, the whole reason I’m in New Mexico is because FUSION Theatre asked me to write a one-act children’s musical (yes, you heard that correctly), based on the children’s e-book PRINCESS MARISOL AND THE MOON-THIEVES by Alex Paramo.

After some time, I wrapped my head around the fact that a children’s musical generally does NOT include: 1) basement-dwelling sharks, 2) drag queens, 3) grotesque acts of vengeance, 4) an askew historical perspective on queerness, 5) characters who explode and/or eat each other. And then I wrote my adaptation sans all of these elements, but avec lyrics, and now FUSION is touring it around Albuquerque.

First rehearsal was last night. Musical director (and music-writer) Keith Sanchez teaches the opening song Rat With Ambition to the cast. rat

Also, The Kilroys

If there were a list of people who did not know how to take the eggs out of a cage while an agitated New Mexican rooster was stalking back and forth making crazy rooster eyes, I would also be on that list. But I bet a bunch of these other ladies would not be. Fuck yeah gender parity! Fuck yeah The Kilroys. Picture 13