NM Packs It In

In the span of 5 minutes there was:

- a humming-bird!
- a fresh cup of coffee, (made with the coffee-maker that I walked 20 minutes to buy in the blistering heat, and it was worth. every. drop. of sweat.)

My writing nook: a wood table on a patio under a sheet of corrugated tin. When the rain pours down, straggling locusts take cover with me. patio

His name is Elroy. He's practicing his camouflage.

His name is Elroy. He’s practicing his camouflage.

Rainy New York

Coming out of rehearsal at 440 studios, Donahue and I stopped to stare at the reflection in the building across from us. Strange moments of beauty in the middle of a rainy summer evening… bldg And a moment of cold, hard truth: unicorn

Livin on a Farm

Sometimes there are double rainbows.



From a utopian colony in southern Indiana to a working organic farm in upstate New York, theatre people are colonizing the world… leading to a sudden resurgence of rainbows, bourbon, and bonfires…