Panda & Amanda

In which Kimberly Colburn and I dedicate our time and resources to a theatrical collaboration that stretches the boundaries of sanity and good taste: PANDA MEETS AMANDA. Amanda is a dominatrix who wants to destroy civilization as we know it. Panda is a depressed panda.











Kansas Part II: The Walls!

Lee Sunday Evans, in addition to being a director and a soda-fountain-explorer and a great-boot-wearer and a fabulous travel companion, is a street photographer. She places me against walls, as we wander through the world, and then she takes pictures. photo-22 photo-23 There are some great walls in Kansas. Here are two more that I found, and did not stand in front of: photo-22 copy 6 photo-22 copy 7


I went out to Kansas for the Inge Festival.
I did not find: a tornado.
I did find: a lot of fun people, a jacuzzi in my bedroom, and all of the below: 1) beautiful old buildings, from the times of oil-boom prosperity. photo-22 copy 2
2) An amazing woman named Ilene, who wears green fascinators and told me and Lee Sunday Evans: “I have gone to sleep every night and woken up every morning for 86 years, and that gives me great confidence.” And she was right. photo-24
3) A drug-store with a soda-fountain…and a jukebox. Lee Sunday Evans and I went for dinner one night, and when we got our bill, we saw that we had been recognized for what we truly are. photo-22 copy 4
4) Crop insurance! photo-22 copy 5
5) One of these two things: photo-23 copy

Thoughts on Toxic Seven

Sometimes I read articles like How To Grow An Avocado Tree and then I look at my very tall and very gangly and a little bit mangy tree named Toxic Seven, whose leaves all fell off recently when he encountered a drought (but have started growing back), and I think: Oops, I did it wrong. But then I think: this tree maybe be mangy and he may have scoliosis and I may not have done anything right because I didn’t know anything about avocado trees when I adopted him, but he’s mine and I love him. And then I think: maybe this is what parenting is like?