Third Time’s The Charm?

NOW I’m officially an adult….right?
(Or do I need a PhD….?) photo-28

Concentrating very hard on being adults...

Concentrating very hard on being adults…

Annnnd we failed.

Annnnd we failed.

We receive the diploma-holders empty, then after the ceremony we go pick up our diplomas. Or that’s the idea anyway. Sometimes they seem to come with surprise placeholders….? IMG_1987 IMG_1990

Sun Tzu Would Be Proud

Meanwhile back in New York, it’s too cold to be summer – and yet there are still mosquitos and they are still in my apartment and they still are biting me IN THE EYE while I sleep. Luckily I am surrounded by love and support in these trying times. photo-2

The Colbar West

I paid a visit to the Colbar West, which is the West Coast reboot of the Colbar & Pygmy Zoo, (founded by K. Colburn Esquire, in Louisville Kentucky, at the Actor’s Theatre Thereof, Anno Domini 2015, now transplanted to a certain South Coast Rep-related location.) photo-27 copy 2 CB West was everything I hoped and dreamed. photo-28 However, certain meetings that begin in the Colbar West can only reach their true natural conclusion on Venice Beach… photo-27 copy photo-27

Pandas Have Mothers Too…

…and sometimes panda-mothers have the same bizarre and upsetting sense of humor as pandas do. photo-27 Yay for panda-mothers, who raise their pandettes to understand that the world is a dark and terrible place, and that dark and terrible things are hilarious.