Jury Duty

Highlights include:

- The potential juror who got into an argument with the judge over systems of oppression and how certain key parts of the American justice system perpetuate them. NEW YORK LIBERALS: I LOVE YOU.

- The judge, whose sense of humor was dry as a bone, and who informed us, “I know this is an inconvenience. I appreciate your time. I assure you, I do not need to hear exactly how inconvenient this is for you.”

- The guy running the metal detector, who was using this as an opportunity to practice his stand-up on the line of people waiting to pass through. Many of the jokes involved his relationship to his mother, which seems to be loving but fraught.

- The 15th floor women’s room, where I took five minutes to spike my hair into a tidal-wave before entering the court room and being evaluated as a prospective juror. (Spoiler alert: I was not selected.)

- The part where they told me I don’t need to come back for 4-6 years.