Kaveh Akbar // Portrait of the Alcoholic

… It can be difficult
telling the size of something

when it’s right above you — the average
cumulus cloud weighing as much

as eighty elephants. The things I’ve thought I’ve loved
could sink an ocean liner, and likely would

if given the chance.

- Kaveh Akbar, from the poem “Portrait of the Alcoholic with Home Invader and Housefly”
in Portrait of the Alcoholic

The Moors in American Theatre

Thanks to American Theatre for publishing the text of The Moors in the July/ August issue, and to David Adjmi for one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve had about theatre in a while. FullSizeRender-16 The conversation is heavily condensed, so it doesn’t include the part where David and I reminisce about meeting each other in Iowa City, or the part where he gives me a mini refresher on existentialism (“You’re literally coming straight from Camus into this office at TCG.”) Be still my heart. FullSizeRender-16

Tony Kushner // “looseness in the core”

Did you ever want to be an actor yourself?

When I’m writing a new play, there’s a period where I know I shouldn’t be out in public much. I imagine most people who create go through something like this. You willfully loosen some of the inner straps that hold your core together. You become more porous and multivalent and multivocal, so that the multitudes you have inside yourself can start to get up and walk around and emerge. Then, hopefully, you put them back into the cave. But to really play Linda Loman, you have to go there every night. So you live in a state, I would imagine, of permanent looseness in the core, which I find frankly terrifying.

- Paris Review No. 16

Doraelia Ruiz // paintings

FullSizeRender-13 FullSizeRender-6 When you wake up to find that you have been mailed two beautiful paintings. Dora Ruiz, I remember when we were nineteen years old and doing Dick-Cheney-related performance art protests on Brown’s main green. (“Where’s My Dick” anybody?) FullSizeRender-10 Watching you come into your own as a painter and multi-media artist is a joy to behold – except when you use grocery money to buy canvases. Then I nag you like a worried mom, and fulfill all of the bleakest Greekest prophecies about adult humans becoming their parents.1701 Check out more of Dora’s work at Brainworks Gallery in LA, and in this profile about her solo show “Never Yes No Me You.”


19657344_10154564284482513_7214814937995909348_n 2 weeks of rehearsal, 2.5 days of tech, and we are open. I don’t know how Williamstown makes it work every summer, but somehow they do, and to me this miracle is right up there with loaves & fishes / water into wine. (Speaking of wine… it is also a miracle that there is any left in the Berkshire area.)