Yesterday it was winter. Today, on the other side of the hemisphere, it’s summer. Hello Sydney.

Are these not the best names you’ve ever seen? IMG_0705 Recent reading for/on/during trains/planes/shinkansens/hotel-rooms: IMG_0747 After two weeks of mostly-research, the laptop is back open… This would be a more nerve-wracking affair if there weren’t a giant container of Tim-Tams currently in the fridge. IMG_0741

A Few Brief Scenarios…

IMG_0139 The English is a lot more optimistic than the Japanese…

Meanwhile, back in the old neighborhoodIMG_0157 It’s a lot quieter in the afternoons than after dark. As Thomas Wolfe said, “You can go home again, but if you go on a Tuesday afternoon, the prostitutes and low-level yakuza will not necessarily be there.”

For when it’s a late night, and you’re coming home from the office, and you stop in a conbini to get that dish soap your wife asked about, and you can’t find it, and you don’t have time to go to the izakaya where your favorite yakitori-specialist is frying chicken skewers to go with your favorite dry sake, but also you can’t go home and face her sober, so: IMG_0267