Powell’s Books // The Island Dwellers

When you’re scrolling through Powell’s Staff Picks (because where else do you procure new reading material as soon as your paychecks clear?) and you see your own book. Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 10.43.26 AM In my two weeks at Portland Center Stage, I’d stop in on my way to rehearsal (morning) and my way home (evening.) I had to buy a giant bag, also from Powell’s, to get all the books back to New York. Takeaway: Powell’s is the one place on earth that can provide for all your needs, all the time. (And, thank you Lauren P.!)

Advance Hardcovers: Paperweights Plus!

Advance hardcovers showed up. If you’re my mom, then don’t worry, I have one for you. Otherwise, you can pre-order at Amazon, or (if you have feelings about Amazon), this Random House link has lots of other options like Powells.

Apparently pre-orders are really helpful for publishers, so – if you’re looking for reading material for the bar/ public transit / your bed, check it out. If you’re looking for heavy things to accumulate and then ship from city to city, I have you covered. If you have friends who like to read things, buy them a book! Or if you have friends who like to burn books, I’m told these are extremely flammable. IMG_2034