Pictorial Evidence of Serious Writers Seriously Writing

When you’re both writing in different rooms and you are definitely NOT talking to each other, or taking breaks to go get smoothies, or taking breaks to go on a hike, or taking pictures and texting them to each other, and you are getting SO much writing – not even Done, but Accomplished. IMG_1822

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival // Witch of Ed

2 days in the Hudson Valley, workshopping the Witch of Edmonton adaptation with HVSF, Writer’s Theatre (Chicago), and Marti Lyons. Sometimes we were in the theatre. Sometimes we were in a Grimm’s fairy-tale about edible little children who get lost in the wild. FullSizeRender-13 FullSizeRender-3FullSizeRender-2

Hansel, Three Seconds After Seeing The Gingerbread House, When The Excitement Has Faded

Hansel, Three Seconds After Seeing The Gingerbread House, When The Excitement Has Faded

Lark Reading Series avec Anna Ziegler

Over the past month, I’ve been writing the first draft of my commission for Writer’s Theatre in Chicago. It’s an adaptation of/ strange riff on the Jacobean play The Witch of Edmonton, and I’ve been lucky to work in it at The Lark via a Project Residency, a handful of Round Tables, and the good graces of a group of actor-friends. On May 15, I get to hear a rough draft of it with an audience (and more actor-friends), as part of the culmination of the Rita Goldberg Playwrights’ Workshop. Anna Ziegler is doing this also, on the 22nd. Here we ask each other questions about our work (by which I mean, mostly about binge-watching TV).

If I Gave A Commencement Speech, I Would Tell The Kids That The Best Ideas Are The Ones Other People Have Already Had, That Won Them Pulitzers

Open Studio Sunday at LMCC finds me making the best possible use of my time. In between fielding questions from people wandering in and out of my studio (“Do you write plays? Why do you write plays?”), I’m continuing my ongoing investigation with a frequent collaborator re: the perfect title for our play. photo (1)