Collective Rage MCC // Opening

Happy opening to The Betties! Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 3.24.18 PMScreen Shot 2018-09-13 at 3.23.43 PM

Photobomb on a rooftop with the one, the only, the inimitable... Jessica Chase

Photobomb on a rooftop with the one, the only, the inimitable… Jessica Chase


Our cast refers to the audience as Betty 6, since we learn something new with them every time. After 4 weeks of previews with Betties 1-6, I’ve never been more grateful for and excited by the curiosity, intelligence, and heart of so many of our audiences – how often people are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, how easily they feel compassion for and identification with characters who don’t (in surface ways) seem to be “like them.” How willing they’ve been to embrace an aesthetic that is built on playfulness and surprise. This play has been a wild ride and we’re extended till Oct 7 – come down to the West Village!

The Lilly Awards

I am not a person who likes being on a stage. In groups of more than 2 people, I attempt to become one with the back row. (OK, maybe 10 people. Being in a TV writers’ room has trained me for the better.) But the Lillys are an amazing celebration of women in theatre, of women creating networks of advocacy and support, of allies who show up to do the same. And if you’re going to fly back for an evening in NYC, the best company for that evening would be a room of playwright ladies like Marsha Norman, Julia Jordan, Sarah Ruhl, Jocelyn Bioh, and many many others.

The ladies of New Georges took this picture, because as producers they are full of forethought and quick on their feet: IMG_3119

This is the only other picture I have from the night, because Jessica Chase whisper-yelled to me & Jocelyn: “Take a selfie!!” Jess is also full of forethought. God bless the producers of the world. IMG_3114

First Prize for my interpretation of the role of Jen Silverman! IMG_3124 Just kidding, it’s the Stacey Mindich Go Write A Play commission. Best mandate ever.

The Island Dwellers // Pub Day

Thank you to Allison Hunter and the crew at Janklow Nesbit, Caitlin McKenna and the crew at Random House, all of the beautiful people who celebrate, buy, and love books – and my friends, who made pub day a total delight with their texts, emails, and book-selfies. IMG_2560 Image-1-7