Meet My Teenager

Oh my god Toxic Seven is taller than I am. When and how did this happen? IS THIS HOW PARENTS FEEL? photo (44) I am both proud of and mystified by the amount of care I have put into raising something that could kill me. (Avocado, my only allergy.) Again I wonder…IS THIS HOW PARENTS FEEL? Also, please note that this relationship functions as a living metaphor for ALL RELATIONSHIPS. Thank you. Goodnight.

Toxic Seven

Meet the newest member of my little family. He’s an avocado plant. Given that avocado is the one thing on this earth that I am allergic to, Swan and I named him “Toxic Seven”—because he had seven leaves when I adopted him. Cat then proceeded to eat two of the leaves when my back was turned. Toxic Seven has not, however, become Toxic Five, because we are all holding out hope that someday he will be Toxic Seven again. IMG_0679