Writing for TV

Things that are strange and miraculous for playwrights:
- When you get an office
- When nice people bring you morning coffee?
- When nice people BRING YOU LUNCH?!?!

Things that are normal for playwrights:
- No office
- Get your own damn coffee
- No lunch

List #1 is not a thing anyone tells you about when you decide to write for TV, but it is a real thing.

Ground Floor res // Berkeley Rep

Out here for MY FATHER: THE SPEEDING BULLET (NINCEST) with Mike Donahue, Max Vernon, Dito van Reigersberg, and Dane Laffrey. Sometimes we spend days reconstructing text, discussing music, and workshopping rewrites. Annnnd… sometimes we go to hockey games reffed by the incomparable Madeleine Oldham. FullSizeRender-2