Finding 52

An article about filmmaker Josh Zeman, his whale documentary, and also how amazing MacDowell is for bringing all of us together around a breakfast table. (I also just want to say, I never eat breakfast, so I feel particularly lucky to have dragged myself to Colony Hall for 8 am coffee that day.)
If Joshua Zeman has his way, a year from now he’ll be shipping out into the North Pacific in search of a whale with a very special song. The filmmaker will embark on a journey to try and find 52 Hertz, dubbed “the world’s loneliest whale.” But Zeman’s journey, unlike Ahab’s, actually began at The MacDowell Colony in the winter of 2012 during his second residency.

“I heard about this story at the breakfast table at MacDowell,” Zeman says. “Vint Virga was writing his book, The Soul of all Living Creatures, and he was describing this small anecdote in the book about the whale…. The next morning Jen Silverman did a short play about the whale, and all these different people were creating work about the whale that made me realize it was such an amazing story.”

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