Plays and The Playas Who Play

All day Juilliard, all night Youngblood. So many new plays. Fueled by so many old vices. photo (73)

Youngbloods take a break to inhale Chinese food.

Youngbloods take a break to inhale Chinese food.

Like, for example, fortune cookies. photo (72) The misspelling makes me put even more faith in the prophecy.

In other news, I’m getting up at 5 am to catch a bus to Philadelphia for auditions. This is one of those ideas that seemed so much better in theory than in practice…(somewhat like a career in the theatre?)

You Are Not Who You Were

The human body essentially recreates itself every six months. Nearly every cell of hair and skin and bone dies and another is directed to its former place. You are not who you were last November. [Donald Miller]

Thank God, Donald Miller…

WILD BLUE @ Juilliard

Playlab – a time in which actors read your new play out loud in front of the Juilliard Drama Div, and then Chris Durang & Marsha Norman call you to the front of the room so that people can throw things at you, like chairs and vegetables. photo (72) Thanks for not throwing things, Drama Div. Thanks for bringing me coffee, Max Posner, so that I could agitatedly re-caffeinate while chewing on my hands for ninety minutes in the back corner. (#workinglife? #playwrightneurosis? #chewingwhileviewing? so many possibilities…)

3 Haiku For Spring

I just devoured
eight different kinds of veggies -
and: trees are blooming!

When you yell at me
on the street: YO GIRL NICE BOOTS
your subtext is: SPRING!

I intended to
do all the rewrites ever
but then I did not.

Things That Happened In DC

Spotted pigbears! photo (71) Additionally, playwright Idris Goodwin and I are very sad that Jeff Augustin was so busy opening/ closing a show that he didn’t roll up to DC to collect his KCACTF award (this is called: being a baller.)



Somehow, we had to carry on without Jeff. This seemed to involve a lot of late-night free-styling in cabs, bars, on the streets…and in hotel rooms, until all of us got evicted: Idris Goodwin and Brian Quijada break it down.


Washington DC is a very serious, very legitimate city. I have ascertained this because I just walked into my hotel room and IT CONTAINS A MINI-KITCHEN. NO I AM NOT KIDDING. Among its amenities are: fridge, stove-top, coffee-maker, and GIGANTIC psychedelic portrait of (I can only assume) George Washington. There are also very narrow French doors that you can gently close, if you don’t want George Washington’s swirling colors watching you sleep.

One-Day Weekend

How theatre people do their dark-day… photo (70) Often/ usually everybody else’s first day of the week is essentially the only day that we have off. And nobody knows how to do “day off” like we do…

Sem Audacia Não Ha Fortuna

Sometimes, you discover a collage of bloody-mouthed meerkats that some enterprising individual has stuck to the door of the N train. photo (70) And you are SO delighted that you send it to an even MORE enterprising individual, who makes a careful, deliberate, and utterly appropriate alteration. photo (71)