Excitement in Philly: Wilhelm Descends

I read an article about how bees are important, and also how if you find them dying inside your house, they’re possibly just dehydrated, and how if you give them a solution of sugar water they will return to life, and probably not sting you, and probably continue to be important for the environment. Guess what! It’s true!

Meet Wilhelm. He was dying. We put him under a water glass and poured sugar water on his paper towel. wilhelmina2 Meet Wilhelm 15 minutes later. He’s drunk all of the sugar water and is ready to single-leggedly save the world.

OH MY GOD look at his tongue!

OH MY GOD look at his tongue!

Post Script: my parents pointed out that he is a Wilhelmina and not a Wilhelm, because in bee-societies, the ladies are the ones who go out and do all the work. Not unlike in human societies.

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