Tanka You Very Much

It is good to be surrounded by friends who inspire you, who spark a great life-curiosity, who forward you performance reports written by stage managers on a downward spiral, so that you can distill those objects into tanka and then send them back. (The tanka, for those of you who are currently imagining a large armored vehicle, is actually a poem-form comprised of a line of 5 syllables, then a line of 7, then 5, then 7 and then 7.) Here is what several stage / general managers meant to say, distilled out of the multiple paragraphs (sometimes INVOLVING CAPS) in which they tried to whip an unruly company into shape…

Lazy delinquents
Arriving late Saturday
Fuck up all the plans.
How terrible are these youth!
Civilization is dead.

Disease and murder
like these Shakespeare tickets are
Unlike the tickets, they are
infinitely relevant.

When the world began
Adam and Eve were unclothed
somewhat like you, now.
O hasten toward staff t-shirts!

(From an out of town show:)

O guard carefully!
Deer activity is high
Swerve at your own risk.
Ornate box turtles dwindle,
Nature: a voracious god.

(Technological difficulties:)

oh no! Mac is dead!
and the other one is old?
can we have one more?
everything is hard in life.
this vessel of suffering.

2 thoughts on “Tanka You Very Much

  1. This reminds me of a comp lit course from a long time ago with prof Viswanathan. Is this ringing a bell at all, jennifer?

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