But you were a wanderer / and a competent one at that

Okay, NorCal, I get the message. I AM NEVER LEAVING. FullSizeRender-13 Today’s co-pilot was unconcerned by cows… or seals. FullSizeRender-11 The sound of 12 coyotes howling on the other side of this small bridge does not faze Andrew Saito in the slightest. FullSizeRender-1 3 Sometimes you hike for a long time, and you stumble across a place to pee, and the window has a bullet hole in it. And as you pee, you contemplate how perhaps all previous pee-ers have been shot. FullSizeRender And other times, you practice being an elephant seal. FullSizeRender-12 FullSizeRender-3…In my head, Boy & Bear was playing this entire time.