Join Me For Tea-Time, But You Might Not Live ‘Til Lunch

Thanks to Marti Lyons, Jess Reese, our design team, and the amazing 2016 Actor’s Theatre Apprentice Company for WONDROUS STRANGE. And shout-out to these nine ladies from The Bonnets, who are going to destroy you. 13001190_10153903422001558_6861024368163943945_n Max Vernon’s lunatic song for Bonnets can be found on Soundcloud – lyrics by moi, music (and, in this recording, vocals) by the illustrious MV.

Humana VIP

Very important meetings happen at the Humana Festival. Like for example, with Moishe The 11 Week Old Puppy. 12928436_10156862493750397_106174725217170964_n Thanks to Basil Kreimendahl and Elyssa Kilman for providing a distraction EVEN MORE RIVETING than the Milkwood menu…