Yes, Max, It Will

Max Vernon: “What will the post be called: ‘I looked up the definition of degenerate in the dictionary and this picture was there’??” FullSizeRender-4 Subtitle: What Happens When You Take Both Max + Eyeball To The Berkeley Wine Tasting.

Ground Floor res // Berkeley Rep

Out here for MY FATHER: THE SPEEDING BULLET (NINCEST) with Mike Donahue, Max Vernon, Dito van Reigersberg, and Dane Laffrey. Sometimes we spend days reconstructing text, discussing music, and workshopping rewrites. Annnnd… sometimes we go to hockey games reffed by the incomparable Madeleine Oldham. FullSizeRender-2

NYC Olympics

Events include:

- The Short But Vicious Dash For The Closing Subway Doors

- The Dubious Dive Into The Bowels of Port Authority, Involving An Extreme Lack of Eye Contact With Anyone Who Is Already There

- Patting Strangers’ Dogs Without Breaking Your Stride On A Busy Street

- Squeezing Tomatoes At The Bodega While Offering A Stern Stare To Anyone Who Gets Near The Tomatoes You Haven’t Finished Squeezing

- Parallel Parking On A Street Where There Are No Parking Spaces