Oberon Books (UK)

3-play anthology available here on Jan 24. 9781786824271 (Cover photograph by Scott Suchman, of Dane Laffrey’s set for the premiere of Collective Rage.)

Single editions of Collective Rage available here, also on Jan 24, in concert with the upcoming UK Premiere at Southwark Playhouse. 9781786824257 (Cover photograph by Thurstan Redding, of Betty 5 actor Genesis Lynea.)

Opening // Collective Rage @ Woolly

All photos by Scott Suchman. Collective Rage, Wolly Mammoth Theater Collective Rage, Wolly Mammoth Theater Collective Rage, Wolly Mammoth Theater

Directed by Mike Donahue // Scenic design – Dane Laffrey // Costume design – Kelsey Hunt // Lighting design – Colin K. Bills // Sound design – Thomas Sowers // Song composer – Daniel Kluger

Cast: Beth Hylton, Dorea Schmidt, Natascia Diaz, Kate Rigg, and Felicia Curry as Boops 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Virginie Despentes

She has punk politics — a sustained commitment to rage, which she believes is leached out of women too early and too easily. They’re schooled in docility (a favorite word of hers): “Hiding our feelings . . . and not listening to yourself. Not listening to what is wrong for you and smiling when you’re just destroyed inside.” … Rage, for Despentes, is an antidote to complacency and despair. “Anger is not depression,” she has said in interviews. “Anger is working with desire and humor. Anger is destructive, but very active.”

- Parul Sehgal, “French Feminist Pulp That Spares No Pain

Thinking about this as we prepare to go into rehearsals at Woolly Mammoth for Collective Rage: A Play in Five Boops.