Yes they’re the scourge of LA (and New York??) and yes they are an invitation for a terrible accident to occur and yes they are strewn all over the sidewalks in a way that defies logic / city planning / all the times our mothers told us to clean up after ourselves BUT ALSO THEY ARE SCOOTERS. And when it is after midnight, and you feel that there is nothing for it but to scoot… you can. IMG_6362 IMG_6359

LA // Brief Stop

A little over a year ago, I’d just landed in LA. It was five months before the pub date of The Island Dwellers, and maybe four days before the writers room began for Tales of the City.

Things that have changed: 1) Tales has been written and has filmed. 2) The Island Dwellers is out. 3) The second book for Random House, a novel, is starting to become A Thing and not A Thing That Comes Next. 4) There is more gray in my hair.

Things that are the same: This apartment, and this lemon tree. IMG_0905IMG_0936