What Your Destiny Looks Like In The Form of a GPS Screen

… for example, when Delta cancels your flight to Louisville and then informs you that there are no flights available until Sunday, and American & United say the same thing, and your friends say, “Let’s drive,” so four of you get in a car and start driving and 13.5 hours later (snowstorm: Pennsylvania; rainstorm: Ohio) you arrive in Louisville for the Humana Festival. IMG_6174 For the record, the GPS was optimistic, and we didn’t get here until after 8 am… but that’s still plenty of time to drink all the coffee in L-ville well before the first show of the day.

Join Me For Tea-Time, But You Might Not Live ‘Til Lunch

Thanks to Marti Lyons, Jess Reese, our design team, and the amazing 2016 Actor’s Theatre Apprentice Company for WONDROUS STRANGE. And shout-out to these nine ladies from The Bonnets, who are going to destroy you. 13001190_10153903422001558_6861024368163943945_n Max Vernon’s lunatic song for Bonnets can be found on Soundcloud – lyrics by moi, music (and, in this recording, vocals) by the illustrious MV.

When It’s Snowing…

…and you’re on the 4th floor of Actor’s Theatre waiting for your ride to the airport and/or your flights to be canceled and/or your flights to NOT be canceled and/or the part where either way you spend five thousand years at the airport while angry men in suits have nervous breakdowns about being inconvenienced. BUT AT LEAST YOUR NAILS ARE YELLOW, AND MAX VERNON DID THEM. FullSizeRender-5


What happens when you combine Max Vernon, Marti Lyons, nine girls in bonnets, a punk rock number, and Actor’s Theatre of Louisville? Answer: nobody really knows, but we think it looks like this: 12671834_10104679714182069_7918038524098247340_o FullSizeRender-4 12688264_10104680343850209_2943418891714395208_n