New Dramatists Fundraiser

The only organization in the world for which I would let myself write a short play to order in 20 minutes, then hand it over un-spellchecked to be performed immediately in front of an audience. FullSizeRender Lynn Rosen’s technique for luring playwrights away from the computers:
1) come into the room where you’re writing, tell you gently that you’ve reached time
2) distract you, by waving handfuls of chocolate and a bottle of whiskey
3) while you’re distracted, some stealth ninja sneaks in, prints your play, and is gone.

New Dramatists At Night

Playwrights Mashuq Mushtaq Deen and Melisa Tien artistic direct Portrait of A Young Man Reading Beckett: FullSizeRender-2 The end results: unnamed-2 The young man in question, playwright Matt Freeman, then went on to read an impeccable Hamm to our Clovs, Nells, and Naggs.


when your building management co sends an exterminator who shows up in shorts & a t-shirt, is somehow more scared of the wasps than you are (“Girl, you go first”), and who refuses to approach the wasp nest close enough to spray it. “I don’t wanna get stung,” he says, with impeccable logic. Followed up by: “So hey, you single?”

On the flip side, MIRACULOUS is when New Dramatists gives you the keys to a calm safe haven (called, appropriately, Seventh Heaven) so that you can shelter from the storm and keep your eyes on your laptop instead of your wasps. IMG_6809

Meet Amanda. She's been hanging out for the past few days.

Meet Amanda. She’s been hanging out for the past few days.