LA // Brief Stop

A little over a year ago, I’d just landed in LA. It was five months before the pub date of The Island Dwellers, and maybe four days before the writers room began for Tales of the City.

Things that have changed: 1) Tales has been written and has filmed. 2) The Island Dwellers is out. 3) The second book for Random House, a novel, is starting to become A Thing and not A Thing That Comes Next. 4) There is more gray in my hair.

Things that are the same: This apartment, and this lemon tree. IMG_0905IMG_0936


Yesterday it was winter. Today, on the other side of the hemisphere, it’s summer. Hello Sydney.

Are these not the best names you’ve ever seen? IMG_0705 Recent reading for/on/during trains/planes/shinkansens/hotel-rooms: IMG_0747 After two weeks of mostly-research, the laptop is back open… This would be a more nerve-wracking affair if there weren’t a giant container of Tim-Tams currently in the fridge. IMG_0741

A Few Brief Scenarios…

IMG_0139 The English is a lot more optimistic than the Japanese…

Meanwhile, back in the old neighborhoodIMG_0157 It’s a lot quieter in the afternoons than after dark. As Thomas Wolfe said, “You can go home again, but if you go on a Tuesday afternoon, the prostitutes and low-level yakuza will not necessarily be there.”

For when it’s a late night, and you’re coming home from the office, and you stop in a conbini to get that dish soap your wife asked about, and you can’t find it, and you don’t have time to go to the izakaya where your favorite yakitori-specialist is frying chicken skewers to go with your favorite dry sake, but also you can’t go home and face her sober, so: IMG_0267