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MCC (New York)

A full-tilt lesbian/bi-curious/genderqueer/Shakespearean comedy for everyone. […] If you’re wondering whether you’ll enjoy the revolution, Collective Rage makes an excellent (and hilarious) test case.
—Jesse Green, NYT Critic’s Pick

Straight-up funny.
New York Magazine

Anger, love, and loneliness are comedically but honestly rendered in this occasionally absurd, stylized, queer-centric play… With hilarity and poignancy, “Collective Rage” offers a broad spectrum of queer voices rarely seen on stage.

Exhilaratingly absurdist…When [the] laughs have died down, “Collective Rage” is clearly a testament to the power of the theater to transform, even if it does the job one person at a time.
The Wrap

Woolly Mammoth (DC)

Sassy, saucy, and shrewdly funny.
DC Metro Theater Arts

Entertaining and thought-provoking.
DC Theatre Scene

A perfect balance between the really absurd and the absurdly real…As the Bettys gain autonomy, we gain insight - through both laughter and tears.
Broadway World

Collective Rage is about finding yourself, making weird friends, and falling in love with someone unexpected; and about trading in high heels for boxing gloves and self-hatred for a guitar. In other words, it’s about pussy.

Southwark Playhouse (London)

Wickedly funny…Silverman makes a potent metaphor out of walls —how they keep people out and trap those inside, and how sometimes they have to be torn down…but sidesteps earnestness with cackles of wild laughter.
The Guardian

It’s a glorious, rollicking riot of a play which pushes absurdity to the limit —but never at the cost of its human heart.
The Arts Desk

Sexy, moving and unafraid to push the boundaries.


Williamstown Theatre Festival (MA)

Harrowing…swift…DANGEROUS HOUSE is passionately engaged in the struggle to understand the responsibility we bear for terrible things going on around us…A sexy if tragic love story.
—Jesse Green, New York Times (Critic’s Notebook)

Silverman’s work adeptly balances on the fine lines between light and darkness; love and anger; delight and despair… DANGEROUS HOUSE is a powerful and poignant piece.

InterAct Theatre, earlier iteration (PA)

Silverman’s script handles its politics deftly, keeping character front and center…Their humanity is never compromised, and neither are Silverman’s laugh lines, which land exactly where they should.
The Inquirer

A thrilling, thought-provoking, wonderfully heart-wrenching play…It is the perfect combination of adrenaline, action, laughter, and most importantly—heart.


Yale Repertory Theatre (CT)

Her inspired new play, “The Moors,” rolls out like the stuff of dreams, with telling passages heightened by surrealistic flights of fancy…Deep and grim yet playfully buoyant.
The New York Times

An audacious dark comedy…The genre parody is perverse and provocative… Luxuriate in its wild, woolly energy.
The Hartford Courant

Silverman is not only a fresh voice who takes chances, but also a playwright who plumbs the depth of humanity without sentimentality.
New Haven Register

The Playwrights Realm (NYC)

Jen Silverman, a rising playwright with a restless and fertile mind, has been tinkering in the “wild workshop” of the Brontë family. Storm-swept, intriguing…ardent and intelligent.
Ben Brantley, New York Times

Mysterious, menacing, and savagely funny…The Moors delights with its insightful and subversive edginess.

Not only passes the Bechdel test but crushes it.
New York Magazine

Red Stitch (Melbourne)

A kinky, brilliant homage…a scintillating engagement that flits between gothic spoof, fen-sucked fabulism and queer bodice-ripper…Bizarre and raunchy, subversive and disturbing, and deliciously funny all at once.
Sydney Morning Herald

Strange and subversive…funny at first but increasingly haunting.
TimeOut Melbourne

Part gothic thriller and part black comedy, The Moors is a tale of seething tensions and repressed passions.
Arts Review AU

Sinister, dark, and humorous…A gothic surrealist gem of a play.
Theatre Press


The Humana Festival (Actor’s Theatre of Louisville)

An out and out laugh riot…The Odd Couple comparison is fair, but the play owes equal debts to Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.
Arts Louisville

A hilarious and devastating domestic drama.

Williamstown Theatre Festival (MA)

Silverman isn’t interested in the dull details of conventional storytelling…Delicious [and] surreal. …A play that gives two noningénues strange [and] meaty roles.
—Jesse Green, The New York Times

Hilarious and touching…The work of a dramatist is to map the distance between “seems” and “is.” With this multilayered comic drama, playwright Silverman proves to be an artful practitioner of that particular branch of cartography.
The Boston Globe

Steppenwolf (Chicago)

Silverman is an observant, lyrical and kind writer, generous to all and without any notes of condescension in her writing…For all the deviance, the play’s ambitions remain rooted to the study of its characters.
—Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

South Coast Repertory (CA)

Slyly subversive…a keen intelligence…Silverman is an emerging talent to be reckoned with. Particularly impressive is her unsentimental insight into the risks of radical reinvention.
L.A. Times

Silverman somehow manages to not only make the harrowing twist palpable, but to also elicit the viewer to pull for the character who, by any rational rubric, shouldn’t be pulled for.
O.C. Weekly

Everyman Theatre (MD)

Playwright Jen Silverman brings humor and a wicked sense of anarchic fun.
D.C. Theatre Scene

A bold new play by one of the most dynamic emerging playwrights on the scene today…about reinvention, resilience, and the elasticity of identity.
D.C. Metro Theater Arts

Lyric Theatre (MA)

In its wryly unassuming way, “The Roommate” is laced with insights into how a lifetime’s accumulation of frustrations and disappointments can erupt into the kind of rebellion that only seems out of character to those who aren’t paying attention.
The Boston Globe


Writer’s Theatre (Chicago)

Shrewd and passionate…Fascinating and intense…We’ve heard this same story retold for hundreds of years with male parties: How does the equation change when the Faustian bargain must be made by a woman?
—Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

The playwright’s ear for patterns of speech, and the halting language of longing, is marvelous…Jen Silverman’s exceedingly smart new comedy…casts an intoxicating spell.
Chicago Sun Times

Bloody brilliant…Riveting…A pitch-black fairy tale for our times, and one that is not to be missed. In fact, it might just be the sharpest and most bewitching piece of work about the relationships between men and women…as well as the whole notion of masculinity and the plight of women, now on a Chicago stage.
—Hedy Weiss, WTTW

Jen Silverman [has] written a diamond. A hard, sharp, lustrous thing made from the bones of what came before…This is what theater…can be and this is what it can do. This play will change your life.
New City

Silverman has managed a miracle: she has written a play that neatly, poignantly and humorously captures the quandary at the hearts of many in our contemporary world: at what point do you lose all hope?
Chicago OnStage

Jen Silverman confirms why she’s a playwright to be taken seriously. Her work ranks up there with the very best …The playwright has created a mesmerizing one-act drama that’s filled with unexpected humor and feels as contemporary as today’s headlines.
Chicago Theatre Review


Clubbed Thumb Summerworks (NYC)

Ms. Silverman has created a modern fairy tale, a little bad wolf whose lopsided grin reveals its crooked, bloody teeth.
The New York Times

We should be forewarned that we’re in for a wild ride… Phoebe in Winter will bring to mind Eugene Ionesco and Vaclav Havel….Yet it never ceases entirely to be about, if not a specific, actual family, then families writ large…
New York Theatre Review

Facility Theatre (Chicago)

A confounding, unsettling, multivalent fable of global, familial, and psychological warfare, more European theatrical experimentalism than American regional theater…Everything’s up for grabs: Some people die and stay dead, while others sit down to dinner with eternally bleeding head wounds…It’s a year’s worth of playgoing packed into 100 minutes.
Chicago Reader